After being drafted in the 7th round (186th overall) in 2009, Jordan Nolan had to be patient. After spending time with Ontario of the East Coast League and Manchester in the AHL, the son of former head coach Ted Nolan got his first sniff of the big time this past February when the Los Angeles Kings called up – and he’s been in La-La Land ever since.


Despite scoring in his first game with the Kings, Jordan Nolan’s goal-scoring pace dropped substantially. Of course, that didn’t matter too much as he made up for it in other areas. In 26 games for Los Angeles, Nolan scored twice, added two assists and was a +2. They may not be the greatest numbers but what do you expect for someone averaging 9:20 of ice time each outing?


The 23-year-old made the most of his 6’3, 227-pound frame by dishing out a total of 59 hits. Having only blocked four shots during the season, Nolan isn’t the strongest on defense but, again, he makes up for it in other areas.


The Kings were so impressed with Nolan’s play during the season that they kept him around for the playoffs. In the playoffs, Nolan played in all 20 games, scoring once and adding an assist while delivering the opposition with 35 hits and taking the puck away five times while giving it away (the puck – please refrain from the all-too-obvious sex joke) just twice.


Overall, Jordan Nolan’s start in Los Angeles was a solid one. The feel-good stories are usually the ones drafted near the bottom but for 2012-13, Nolan will prove that he’s a lot more than just a sentimental favourite as he begins his (what hopes to be) first full season with the Kings – and what better way to kick it off than watching the banner raised to the rafters of Staples Center to signify the Stanley Cup that Nolan himself helped to attain?




Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images