When the Los Angeles Kings signed him earlier this summer, there was some disappointment in addition to utter confusion. The addition of Daniel Carcillo made many Kings fans that the Kyle Clifford era in Los Angeles was over. Later on, however, we realized that that wasn’t the case as Clifford got re-signed to a two-year deal which left fans trying to figure out this convoluted scenario. Nevermind where Carcillo was going to fit in if Clifford hadn’t re-signed but where will he fit in with Clifford back in the fold?
A seven-year NHL veteran, Daniel Carcillo is notorious strictly for his ability to fight. For those already on the Kings roster who aren’t afraid to drop the gloves, they have proven they can contribute in other ways whether it’s scoring goals, dishing out hits or killing penalties. With all due respect to Carcillo, he hasn’t shown much of anything when he’s not getting into a tussle on the ice. In fact, in 23 games with Chicago last season, Carcillo registered just 11 penalty minutes – a far cry to the 82 he received in 28 games during the 2011-12 season.

Some positives for the 28-year-old from last season included scoring a pair of goals, picking up an overall rating of +1 and not committing a single giveaway.

These numbers may not seem like much but every player has a positive side to whichever they play for and despite the reticence of many fans in Los Angeles, the native of King City, Ontario may bring something unexpected to the table when he plays; operative word “when” as it’s still up in the air where Carcillo will fit in on the Kings roster.