Involved in Dean Lombardi’s first trade as Los Angeles GM back in 2006, Trevor Lewis was chosen as the 17th overall selection in the draft pick from the Minnesota Wild that sent my personal favourite player, Pavol Demitra (rest his soul) the other way. Suffice to say, I wasn’t sold on Dean Lombardi early on but I adapted. After all, the other player coming from Minnesota in said trade was Patrick O’Sullivan and he ultimately got traded for Justin Williams – but I already touched on that. As for Lewis, while he has been a solid piece of the Kings roster over the last three seasons, some extra incentive might do the 26-year-old a lot of good this coming season.

Despite only weighing 194 pounds, Trevor Lewis has a good physical side to his game. Last season, Lewis finished with 83 regular season hits in 48 games while dishing out another 57 hits in only 18 postseason games.

In addition, Lewis has really come into his own as a solid defensive presence for the Kings even though he scored five goals and nine assists with a +6 rating last season.

During the regular season, the Salt Lake City, Utah native was one of the few Kings to have more takeaways (11) than giveaways (9). If that weren’t enough, Lewis went on to make eight takeaways in the postseason while committing just three giveaways.

A very underrated part of Los Angeles’ Stanley Cup victory in 2012, Trevor Lewis enters the 2013-14 with a chance to become a first-time Olympian as, along with teammates Dustin Brown and Jonathan Quick, is determined to represent the United States in Sochi next February and better, avenging his country’s silver-medal disappointment four years earlier by turning those dreams to gold this time around.

He’s a quiet presence and doesn’t quite the credit he deserves but that matters very little to Trevor Lewis as he is expected to enter the 2013-14 season doing what he does best: helping his team win with his blue-collar work ethic.

While we can discuss about the contributions of the Kopitars, Browns and Stolls until we’re all blue in the face, nothing can be taken away from Trevor Lewis as he has proven to be just an invaluable to his club as the aforementioned – even if he’s not as heralded. But that’s okay with Trevor Lewis. As long as a team can ask for hard work and results, both of which the former Owen Sound Attack can address, what more can a team or better yet, a fan base, ask for?