It was a case of deja-vu for the Los Angeles Kings in Game 2 of their Stanley Cup Final series against the New York Rangers. After erasing three different two-goal deficits, the Kings took the Rangers to double-overtime before Dustin Brown tipped in the game-winner off a Willie Mitchell point shot.

After the thrilling, the always-entertaining head coach of the Kings, Darryl Sutter, offered up some insight on how he felt about the win overall.

NHL Public Relations
June 7, 2014

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        Q.  Willie Mitchell's performance tonight?
 Played a lot of minutes.  Haven't seen the final. Those four guys played 35 minutes for us.

        Q.  What do you take away from your team's ability to come back? Something you're comfortable with or are you concerned about the starts?
 We have to be able to come back.  You're not going to lead every game.

        Q.  Henrik Lundqvist said he couldn't move on the Dwight King goal. What did you see on that?
 Which was the Dwight King goal?

        Q.  Him and McDonagh were doing some pushing, goalie interference.
 Take his word for it.

        Q.  Some sort of wisdom that you lay down when you're down two goals? It's a nightly ritual.
 Is that a good ritual (smiling)?

        Q.  Not going to complain being up 2-0.  But the giveaways were fairly high.  What do you make of the overtime game?
 The forechecks caused some of our guys some problems, for sure. It's the strength of their team, so...

        Q.  How much fun are you having with this group of players?  Amazing run two years ago.  This is arguably the greatest run of all time you're going on now.
 We had a good run last year, too.  You try and do it every year.

        Q.  You played three overtime games in a row now.  Any concern going forward about a fatigue factor?
 Darn right.  Thought about it late in the third, and I thought about it in the first overtime. Takes its toll.  Always does.  It's like the question you asked about Willie Mitchell.  There's a lot of guys that played a lot of minutes.  It's like the games, 23.  That's a lot.

        Q.  Does anything about being behind 2-0 and 3-1 and 4-2, do you worry about asking the guys every time to go back to the well?
 I didn't ask them tonight.  I mean, it's concerning at the point where it's hard to score three goals.  So I give our team a lot of credit for scoring four and then five.

        Q.  What was the reason for keeping Robyn Regehr out tonight?
 It's a gut you have.  That's all.  Trying to make the right decisions.  We've used a lot of defensemen already in the playoffs. It had nothing to do with Robyn or anybody else.  Just felt, after going through, it was better not to make the change tonight.

        Q.  I noticed Martinez is in it a lot of crucial, important moments. Talk about him and your confidence in him.
 We played three overtime games in a row, and everybody has to play.  There's not guys that are resting.  You need everybody to
contribute in some way.

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