Trying to complete the sweep, the Los Angeles Kings put forth quite the effort in Game 4. However, thanks to timely goaltending, an alert defensive game on the end of the New York Rangers in addition to the inability to finish some great scoring opportunities, finishing off the Blueshirts at Madison Square Garden was not to be. Instead, there will be a Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final to be held back in Los Angeles on Friday night.
After Game 4, Kings' head coach Darryl Sutter spoke to the media. Here's what he had to say:

NHL Public Relations
June 11, 2014

An interview with:

        Q.  How did you feel about your team's performance?  Vigneault said it was the best he's seen of your club.
 It was a good hockey game.  I thought both teams played really well.

        Q.  Can you ever recall a game, as a player or a coach, where the puck stopped on the line twice?
 Yeah, probably I recall several times it did.  It did tonight.

        Q.  We use the term 'momentum' all the time.  In your mind is there such a thing?
 No, I don't think so.  The question has been asked 20-some times in the playoffs already.  There's momentum during games, but
I don't think there's much that goes any further than that.

        Q.  The pressure that you put on Lundqvist, you have to be satisfied with that.  Is that something that's definitely going to be carrying over into the next game?
 We had a lot of good opportunities.  But you got to finish.  Only going to get a handful most nights against the New York Rangers.  You got to finish a couple of them.

        Q.  How about the opportunity to do it on your home ice in front of those fans that have been unbelievable for you?
 Try to win a game.  We played in front of some unbelievable fans tonight, too.  We were trying to win tonight, too.  I don't think you look any further than that.

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