It has been one heck of a ride but the newly-minted two-time Stanley Cup-winner Darryl Sutter had plenty to say following his team's ultimate victory. The coach - usually a man of few words - was mainly asked what it was like to win hockey's Holiest prize in overtime, what went through his head when that puck went into the net and even how he felt when captain Dustin Brown first handed off the Stanley Cup to injured defenseman Robyn Regehr.
Here's what Sutter had to say:

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June 13, 2014

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      THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach Sutter.

        Q.   When  you  won  in  2012,  you said it crossed your mind in that moment these guys should push for more Stanley Cups.
 We did it a different way in '11-12.  That's something that I don't think could ever happen again if you go back to that because of winning as a road team all the time.
        This year was totally different.  A lot of new players in our lineup.  We knew we had to at some point.  During the Olympics, I always thought
about this, How are we going to beat Chicago?  How are we going to beat Chicago?
        Dean got Gaborik.  We were able to put some kids in, go from there, so...

        Q.   Can  you  begin  to describe what depth the team had to fight to keep coming back, going to Game 7s, how much effort and will that took?
        COACH  SUTTER:
 Yeah, I think it takes a lot of effort and will.  But I think once you did it as a group, the nucleus of your team, I've said it lots and we talk about it lots in the room, the winning and losing part of it.  It  sounds off the wall, but a lot of times when you lose a game, you're actually winning in a lot of other areas and you just believe in it.
        It  showed  up  again  tonight.  I mean, just over and over and over, went  through  it.   We  had  to  switch guys around tonight.  Just started gutting it out.
        I  told  some of the players, Should we win the Stanley Cup this year in a different way, it just tells you we actually got better.

        Q.   Dustin  Brown  handing  the Cup to Robyn the first time, is that representative  of  how  tight  your group is?  How tough was it for you to tell Robyn you couldn't change the mix?
        COACH  SUTTER:
 I told Robyn that last night.  Again, it goes back to last  year,  we  got  beat  in the Conference Finals.  Robyn got out of the hospital, played games, had to go back to the hospital, played games.
        He'd been out so long, that's your biggest concern.  Quite honestly I thought  about  it  again  this  morning,  about how much trust you have in everybody.  Like Jeff Schultz gave us...
        Willie, Greene and Robyn in the playoffs didn't play every game.  It just tells you that need a lot more than the six. By Brownie doing that, it tells you how they feel about each other.

        Q.  What did you see as the puck went into the net to win the game?
        COACH  SUTTER:
  I couldn't see it.  Basically at that point the players are in sort of attrition, trying to get 20 or 30 seconds each. There was some ebb and flow in overtime, but I think our whole game was very  consistent  in terms of we were good in the first shift, we were good in the 20th shift, we were good in the 30th shift.
        This  team,  you  got  to give them lots of credit.  Tonight is their 26th  game.   Is  it 26?  I'm not so sure that will ever happen again.  You talk about 26 games plus how many overtimes.  We probably played close to 30 games since the 20th of April.  That's pretty significant.
        You got to give these guys full marks.

        Q.   I  know you're focused on your group, but what are your thoughts on the team in the other dressing room?
 You know what, somebody said, Congratulate Glen Sather and  the New York Rangers, what they did this year, what they accomplished. It's a difficult road.  The key is, you make the playoffs, you win the Stanley  Cup, you got to do something special to get there.  To get through three  teams  in  your  conference is very, very significant.  Then to play each other, it's like a whole new schedule again.

        Q.  Doughty and Carter winning both Olympic gold and the Stanley Cup, not a lot of guys have done that, but your role in terms of realizing when they came back from Sochi how you had to manage them.
        COACH  SUTTER:
 Drew told me he was going to win two in one year.  He said that.  He said he was going to win the gold medal and win the Stanley Cup.

        Q.  When did he tell you that?
        COACH  SUTTER:
  I  think he told me two or three times.  I know when they named him to the team, Jeff and the kids were named that day, we were in there early, that's vivid in my mind.
        When  he  came home, they met us in Colorado, that's what he said, he was going to win the gold medal, he did, and he said he was going to win the Stanley Cup.

        Q.  What do you make of Justin Williams being named the MVP?
        COACH  SUTTER:
 It's fitting.  His third Stanley Cup.  It's great for Willie.  You could see how emotional he was about it. But we had 29 players.  You could put 29 players on it.

        Q.   Could  you  hear the fans chanting, We want the Cup, as the team
came down the ice?
        COACH  SUTTER: 
They say that all the time.  They  get spoiled (smiling).

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