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After winning his first in 2006 as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes and then in 2012 with the Los Angeles Kings, there is something extra special behind Justin Williams's 2014 win. His Stanley Cup trifecta was capped off with a Conn Smythe victory as the Most Valuable Player in the playoffs. But as great as the 32-year-old was throughout the postseason - especially in elimination games - he was that much better in this year's Stanley Cup Final, leading everyone in scoring with two goals and five assists.
A lot of questions were asked following the game and Justin Williams answered them accordingly.

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June 13, 2014

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THE MODERATOR: Questions for Justin Williams.

        Q.  First of all, who is that with you?
 This is Jackson.  He got to celebrate Cup number two and three, but not the first one.

        Q.  How does that feel to be hoisting that [Conn Smythe Trophy], as well?
 It's pretty sweet.  To get that award and to get the ovation that I got from my teammates was pretty special and emotional for me.

        Q.  Seems like the number of family members celebrating each of your Cups grows with time going on.  What are your thoughts?
 You win the Stanley Cup for obviously yourself and your teammates, but the thing that makes it extra special is to share the jubilation, the excitement of the pinnacle of your hockey career with the people who cheered for you since day one, the people who love you.
        That's what makes it pretty emotional for me.

        Q.  Did that game kind of sum up the journey, what it takes to win a Stanley Cup?
 What we went through this year as opposed to 2012, the Game 7s, the backs against the wall, what we went through to get to this point is unique.  Obviously every Stanley Cup is special in its own way, but we really had to earn this one.

        Q.  Not sure if you had a chance to look at some of the names on that trophy, the group you're joining.
 I can't believe I won that.  That will, I don't think, ever, ever sink in.  The guy from Cobourg who played the game he loves and got to be surrounded with a lot of great teammates throughout my years.

        Q.  The other day in New York I asked you what would be your feeling to hear your name.  Did you feel you had a chance?  Were you able to think about it in the heat of the playoffs against the Rangers in there?
 No, not at all.  The focus was solely on the game.  That's no BS.  It certainly was.  The one that matters obviously isn't here right now.  This one is just a little extra icing, a little sweeter that I got presented with that trophy.
        Clearly it could have gone to a lot of players on our team.

        Q.  I know you haven't had much time to process this.  What was it like sitting on the bench for that game?  It was a game that took time to come to the bail and turned out to be a nail-biter.  What was it like being a part of it?
 You had to find that little extra in your tank.  There's always such reserve in there we had to dig down and find tonight.  Alec Martinez scoring that goal, gee.  What huge goals he scored for us.
        That's just what our team was all about:  everybody pitching in.  But what a special player Marty is.

        Q.  That night on April 22nd when the Sharks score in overtime, go up 3-0 in the series.  If I go up to you and say, Don't sweat it, you're going to win the Cup this year, what would have been your reaction?
 I would have punched you in the face maybe (laughter).
        Things looked bleak for us.  But we were able to channel our inner will.  We just didn't want to go away.  The term 'one at a time' certainly applied to us that series.
        As I said, what we went through to get to this point, to win the Stanley Cup, is pretty emotional and special, and we'll never forget it.

        Q.  Dean Lombardi said when he acquired you, he was getting a little bit of a rebel, that he could relate to you.
 Dean Lombardi has given me a great opportunity here.  He saw somebody, a player that not a lot of people saw.  He gave me a chance, he gave me another opportunity, where my career wasn't going the way I wanted it to.
        I was able to be a piece of this puzzle, the team that he built.  I'm privileged to play on this team with all the great players.

        Q.  You talked about the fact that a lot of guys could have won the Conn Smythe, what does it say about this team that there are so many guys it's hard to choose?
 Up and down our lineup, you can make a case for any line, any ‘D’ pair.  That's not just blowing smoke.  That's the God's honest truth.
        To be singled out like that, have my teammates give me an applause, be genuinely excited for me, that was the most special thing.

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