It was very brief (as no one should be surprised by) but Los Angeles Kings' head coach Darryl Sutter spoke with the media before Game 2 of his team's Stanley Cup Final series with the New York Rangers. One such issue addressed was the status of injured Kings' defenseman Robyn Regehr.

NHL Public Relations
June 7, 2014

An interview with:

 Questions for Coach Sutter.

        Q.  I think the expectation here is we'll see the Kings be much more disciplined with the puck at the start of the game tonight.  Would you expect that?
 Well, I think you get the two days, we talked about it lots, we were a tired team.  I think yesterday was good for us, not just in terms of the on-ice stuff, but to be able to get a little more set in how we wanted to play against them.
        We'll be better, for sure.  At the end of the day both teams will be better.

        Q.  How do you expect Robyn to play tonight?  What is your expectation for him?
 We'll make decision after warmup on our lineup.

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