At the end of last season, not only was Dustin Penner a disappointment on the ice but he wasn’t anything to write home about physically. That’s because the 28-year-old’s fitness level wasn’t at its best given that he was overweight when the 2010-11 season was officially in the books for the Los Angeles Kings.


Heading into 2011-12, however, might be a little different and the Kings, most notably Anze Kopitar, already sees an improvement. Penner arrived at camp fifteen pounds lighter. According to Kopitar, as he told Rich Hammond of LAKingsInsider, Penner is “really quick” and went on to say how excited he is to play with Penner this season.


Dustin Penner, as you may already know, is entering the final year of his contract and, in addition to his subpar performance during the latter part of 2010-11, Penner will have a lot to prove this season as I’m sure he will be the first to admit.


Before Kopitar’s season-ending injury last season, he and Penner did have some success. So, if Kopitar stays healthy and Penner can pick up his game another notch, the two, along with Justin Williams, should turn out to be a very productive top line for the Kings this season.