He allowed three goals but in his defense, the other three goaltenders who played during the All-Star Game’s first forty minutes also allowed three each. Overall, Jonathan Quick’s performance at his first All-Star Game was a success.


Despite the three goals he let in, he did make a number of great saves along the way. Speaking of those three goals, the first two goals were both matters of beautiful 2-on-1 finishes and not anything detrimental to Quick’s game. Marian Gaborik of the New York Rangers scored his third of the afternoon, followed by Phil Kessel setting up his Leafs teammate Joffrey Lupul to put Team Chara up 5-3.


Despite the two early goals, Quick settled down and made some key saves and allowing his team to score three unanswered goals to take the lead. However, late in the period, it was Chicago’s Patrick Kane who slid the puck underneath Quick’s pad to tie the game at 6.


As any all-star game goes, it was an easygoing atmosphere out on the ice and I was just happy to see Jonathan Quick a part of that. After all, after his tireless work with the Kings thus far, it’s only right that he’s there in Ottawa this weekend.


Great job, Quick! We’re all proud of you!




Photo: Courtesy of Marco DesRosiers/US Presswire