For all of you wonder of the whereabouts of one Drew Doughty, you can now either breathe a collective sigh of relief (assuming you cared where he was, of course. Doughty has been spotted in his hometown of London, Ontario practicing with the Ontario Hockey League’s London Knights.


Although Doughty wasn’t practicing at training camp with his NHL team, he was wearing his Kings gear. Now, don’t get your hopes up. This isn’t a sign of any new contract within the next few days. All this means is that without a new contract, Doughty simply can’t afford new equipment so the Kings gear will unfortunately have to suffice for the time being.


Maybe it’s a good sign that Doughty is practicing with, of all junior teams, the London Knights. After all, players like Patrick Kane, Corey Perry and John Tavares all played their junior there and maybe it’ll inspire the defenseman to go back to Los Angeles, sign and get on with business like he should. If not, then maybe Knights’ head coach Dale Hunter, who was a tough NHL veteran, will slap some sense into him. Hopefully not literally, though. It’s complicated enough with Doughty not having a contract. We don’t want to see a lawsuit added to the mix.


So, we all know where Drew Doughty is – playing with boys while his Los Angeles teammates are playing amongst men. Seems kind of fitting, doesn’t it?