Although it was an important topic yesterday, the drama involving Drew Doughty was not the only thing going on in El Segundo as the Los Angeles Kings opened training camp yesterday.


Two of Los Angeles' biggest off-season acquisitions hit the ice yesterday, ending a bit of anticipation. Mike Richards and Simon Gagne stepped onto the ice of the Toyota Sports Center yesterday where they started out as linemates with captain Dustin Brown. Although nothing's set in stone, this will be a likely lineup for the start of the regular season.


As familiar as Richards and Gagne are with each other, Dustin Brown is not familiar with either of them. That, however, will change over the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, though, it's a new adjustment Brown needs to make. So, how does he feel? As far as Richards and Gagne are with each other, there are no concerns. It's a matter of him fitting in with those two.


Brown told Rich Hammond of LAKingsInsider, "“From playing in Philly, I think they have a good idea of how each other play. I’m just trying to incorporate myself into how they did things in Philly, because they obviously were really successful there. It’s tougher out here because it’s a practice situation and we’re doing very specific drills. Once we get into games, it’s more about chemistry.”


From the captain's attitude, there isn't anything to worry about and why should there be? To become more familiar with each other, time can improve that and Brown just needs that to get adjusted to Richards and Gagne.


There was some good on-ice communication between the three yesterday so if that's any indication, there really is nothing to dwell on. In fact, the Kings have every reason to be optimistic. We'll see how the next couple of weeks play which, if you ask me, won't be an issue with Brown, Richards or Gagne.