Earlier this week, I was scrolling through a few fan pages on Facebook for the Los Angeles Kings when I came across a YouTube video for something called 'The Dewy Show.' I was in no hurry to be anywhere else so I figured that I'd check it out. I watched the first two episodes - titled 'The Epic Rager' and 'Another Epic Rager' respectively - and as ridiculous as they were, I loved them both.

So far in the series, the title character, Kings defenseman Drew Doughty, with the help of his dog Reggie, are on a mission to throw a rager to celebrate his team's most recent Stanley Cup win. There's only one problem: teammates Jeff Carter and Mike Richards - or 'Carts and Ricks' - are beating Doughty to the punch. Doughty's roommate Trevor Lewis tells him of the news and Dewy is more determined than ever to outdo his teammates who are notorious party animals.

The show was created Ohio-native Chris Pavelica and South Dakota-native Zach Baumgartner, both huge hockey fans who moved to Los Angeles in recent years.

“We became fans when they sucked and were building this team. Dewy hadn't even been drafter yet and no one thought this guy Quick would be in the league for long,” Pavlica told Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy.

It's so far, so good, although I do admit many of the impersonations are terrible. Then again, that's what makes the show so funny as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know if this was the idea but the opening of The Dewy Show goes by the same tune as the theme song of former WWE star Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. As an old-school wrestling fan, I love the effort but even if it just as a coincidence, I don't love it any less. Speaking of old-school, I'm also a huge Nintendo fan so when I heard that Jonathan Quick's character ringtone is that of the Blades of Steel music, I have to admit that I became giddy. Sad, I know - but I don't care.

Sticking with Quick, the plethora of F-bombs he drops may seem predictable but it is both hilariously and insanely appropriate given his F-bomb at Los Angeles's Stanley Cup rally back in 2012. The creators even portray Jarret Stoll as a Valentino, Dustin Brown as a busy family man and even Alec Martinez as a bit of a downer, although I cannot say how accurate the latter is.

Plus, as a bonus, the show has footage from actual Kings games - something every fan in Los Angeles can appreciate.

Overall, the Dewy Show provides Kings fans - and even hockey fans in general - with some good comic relief to occupy them until the hockey season starts up again. I certainly cannot wait for more episodes.

To watch the series, be sure to visit youtube.com/dewy8show

Also follow The Dewy Show on Twitter @dewyshow in addition to the show's creators @ChrisPavelica, @TheRealZBaum and the voice of Dewy himself @JoeyLongIsland.