The two teams may be at odds on the ice in this year's Stanley Cup Final, but off the ice, circumstances could not be any more different.

In January 2013, Dominic Moore tragically lost his wife Katie to a rare form of liver cancer. She was just 32 years old, succumbing after a nine-month battle with the disease.

From there, Moore, who had since signed with the New York Rangers, began the Katie Moore Foundation to honor the memory of his late wife. The foundation formed to help patients and families deal with rare cancers through research, advocacy and community.

But after fans of the New York Rangers went to Reddit to raise $4000 for the Katie Moore Foundation, fans of the Los Angeles Kings decided to follow suit.

As of last week, Rangers fans had donated $4,195.28. Since that was five days ago, those numbers have most likely increased. Nevertheless, fans decided to set a collective goal of $10,000 before the Stanley Cup Final is over.

Later that day, the collective total was up to $4,527.28.

Whether they can raise $10,000 all by themselves or just a few extra bucks, the bottom line is that fans of the Los Angeles Kings want to help out a worthy cause, even if it directly supports an opposing player.

A gesture of this magnitude is what hockey should be about. We can talk about the on-ice rivalries and the hostilities between opposing teams in the playoffs until we're all blue in the face, but there's more to it than that.

While hockey is a game of sheer intensity, it is also a sport of sportsmanship, humility and respect. Even Rangers fans on Reddit have admitted that it was hard to hold animosity towards the Kings after this noble gesture.

This really is a class act by fans of the Los Angeles Kings, and while they do hope to see their team capture Lord Stanley's mug this week, they also know that there are victories far more important. Kudos to these fans.