In just a few days, fans of the Los Angeles Kings will be reunited in Sin City for Frozen Fury but while the event is usually held annually, there was no such luck last year as the NHL’s work stoppage forced the cancelation of the Kings’ popular preseason affair. As disappointing as last year’s cancelation was, it only makes the 2013 version of the event all the more special – especially considering that, unlike previous years, the Kings will be playing two preseason contests in Las Vegas this coming weekend.

The first time I attended Frozen Fury also happened to be the most recent occurrence of the event which was in 2011 when the Kings squared off against the Colorado Avalanche.

To suggest that the most recent Frozen Fury weekend was fun would be somewhat of a mild understatement. Believe it or not, 2011 was my first trip to Las Vegas and I have to say that the drive to and from was great. I rode with two friends who knew as much, if not more, about the history of the Los Angeles Kings than I did – certainly a breath of fresh air growing up in Eastern Canada where most people didn’t even think Los Angeles still had an NHL team (don’t blame them – they support the Leafs, Senators and Canadiens).

In Vegas, it was especially great to meet so many Kings fans (many of whom yours truly established friendships with online) and it was especially gratifying to see how many Kings fans there are, period. These fans weren’t only from Greater Los Angeles but from the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, New England, Mexico, Canada, England, Australia, Switzerland and I could go on.

Most of the fans were great and a lot of fun although some wondered if they were able to function sober – but I digress. The game itself wasn’t that great – the Kings lost – but that’s the beauty of the preseason: no one cares if your team loses. Okay, some do but most don’t.

While Los Angeles-based Kings fans have already met up in the last few weeks at preseason games and/or the team’s annual Hockeyfest, Frozen Fury will be extra special, a mini-vacation before the real season starts.

While the Kings will again be playing the Avalanche, they will also be squaring off the New York Rangers. It should be a fun couple of days to say the least.

In closing, however, I hope most fans stick to the Sin City’s big rule of what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas. But for those who don’t care to follow such a notion, I’ll be all ears when I hear of the countless zany escapades involving the Los Angeles Kings, their fans and the ever-so-popular Frozen Fury.