The Los Angeles Kings opened their practice session yesterday and it seems as if they’re only setback heading into this Saturday’s season-opener will be addressed soon. Anze Kopitar, who injured his knee while playing in Sweden just a day before the NHL and the PA reached an agreement on a new CBA, was on the ice with Bernie Nicholls.


For the first time in his career, Anze Kopitar wore a brace on his knee and while he admitted that it had to take some getting used to, he also went on to say that it felt good and we’ll all see how the progress goes.


He may not be returning to the lineup for Saturday’s opener but Anze Kopitar definitely is on the right track and to even just see him on the ice testing out said knee is a promising sign. The Kings certainly do have other weapons but since Kopitar was the team’s leading-scorer during the regular season last year, his presence will be missed.


On a more positive note, the newest King, Anthony Stewart, arrived in Los Angeles and took to the ice for the first time with his new team. He is very excited to be aboard and we’ll just have to see where he fits in when the Kings open their season.


While he’s not expected to directly replace Kopitar, Stewart should be inserted into the lineup to give the Kings some depth. Off the top of my head, I expected to see Stewart playing on the fourth line but that decision is ultimately up to the coaching staff so come Saturday, we’ll see where the newest King fits in.


So, Anthony Stewart has joined his new club and Anze Kopitar, while still some time away from returning to the lineup, is making positive strides towards coming back and hopefully we should see him back by next weekend. Again, that’s up to the coaching staff so we’ll have to wait and see.


Overall, the vibe is positive in Los Angeles as we count down the days and hours to their home-opener on Saturday afternoon, which should be a monumental event.




Photo: Courtesy of Harry How/Getty Images