Having just wrapped up his fourth full season in Los Angeles, the Kings re-signed Trevor Lewis to a new two-year contract as they hope to receive the same contributions from the centerman as before. Those contributions particularly include a defensive prowess that make Lewis, among other things, a penalty-killing specialist.

In 2009-10, the Los Angeles Kings finished 20th-overall on the penalty-kill with a rating of 80.3. The following year (Lewis's first full year as a King), the silver-and-black jumped to fourth-overall in said category with an 85.5 rating. The Kings finished fourth again the following year at 87.0.

In Lewis's first postseason in Los Angeles (2011), the Kings finished with a 91.3 rating and the following year, en route to their first Stanley Cup, they finished with a 92.1 rating while scoring a playoff-leading five shorthanded goals. Most of this success was due to the defensive presence of Trevor Lewis. But while the Kings would dip slightly in the penalty-kill rankings over the last two years, the 27-year-old was no less effective.

In 73 games this past season, Lewis committed just 18 giveaways while recording 14 takeaways. His 36 blocked shots certainly don't imply that he is a defensive stalwart but Trevor Lewis's 145 hits certainly do insinuate that he will not back down from anything. The latter even shows how smart and disciplined the 6' 1, 194-pounder is on the ice, having registering just six penalty minutes all season.

As notorious as he is for being a defensive-minded player, Trevor Lewis has flexed his offensive muscle from time to time.

This past season, Lewis scored six goals - two game-winners; one shorthanded - and added five assists to go along with a very decent total of 111 shots. All this while averaging 13:15 of ice time per game.

In the playoffs, Lewis showed off more of his unsung offensive prowess, scoring four goals and adding an assist while taking part in each of Los Angeles's 26 games en route to winning hockey's Holiest prize. His 12 blocked shots were minimal but his nine giveaways and seven takeaways outlined the strength in Trevor Lewis's defensive game.

In comparison to previous years, Lewis's game has dropped a bit, but not nearly to the extent where it is worrisome. Some fans may disagree but overall, Trevor Lewis has played the role of Los Angeles's unofficially unsung hero to a T.

Next season, the Kings hope to finish better than 11th in penalty-killing, but in order to do that, they will need a solid campaign from Trevor Lewis who is expected to do what he does best - and even chip in in other areas where he isn't quite as expected to flourish. After all, since he's done it enough times, there's no reason to believe that No. 22 can't do it again.

Overall grade for Trevor Lewis: B-