June 6, 2013


Chicago – 3

Los Angeles –2


An interview with:


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

            Q.  Did you feel there was a lack of desperation?

            COACH SUTTER:  No.

            Q.  At all?

            COACH SUTTER:  No.

            Q.  Did they shut you down in the third period or did you shut yourself down?

            COACH SUTTER:  Yeah, I think once they scored the quick goal after the penalty kill, 10 seconds after, I think we had to go for it a little bit, we were stretched out.  That doesn't work that well against them.

            So I think they did a good job of plugging it off, defending the lead.

            Q.  Their transition game, how did that come into play tonight?

            COACH SUTTER:  It wasn't really a huge factor.  I think both teams showed their speed.  I think the first goal was a bad goal.  That certainly didn't impact it.  The second goal was a turnover, not because of lack of speed.

            Q.  How much does your team miss Mike Richards?

            COACH SUTTER:  I think he was our leading point producer at the time of his injury.  You can check.  Obviously that impacts a lot.

            Q.  Team is down 3‑1.  What do you expect from your team back against the wall?  How hard are they going to come out?

            COACH SUTTER:  I think you can answer that yourself, couldn't you?

            Q.  Did they play how you expected them to play without Keith?

            COACH SUTTER:  You know what they do, quite honest, the reason they're a great defensive team, they've been all year, is not just with the goaltender, but the way they spread their minutes out.

            Basically what happens, you take that guy out of their lineup, it gives four other top guys a few more minutes is all it does.

            Doesn't really hurt them at all, to be quite honest.

            Q.  How much does it come into play that you have had those come‑from‑behind efforts in a lot of series?

            COACH SUTTER:  Looking at it like last night or 40 years ago, we're looking at the next game only.  That's what we do.

            Q.  You have to have the right attitude going in?

            COACH SUTTER:  I would assume we'll have a good attitude.

            Q.  Coach, what do you need to do to get the power play going for your guys?

            COACH SUTTER:  Actually, the Carter line has been very effective.  Slava and Drew also.  I think Kopy, there's two minutes on a power play, I think they've really struggled.

            Q.  Can you talk about the play of Dustin Penner tonight?

            COACH SUTTER:  I think the line was really effective.  I think Jeff and Tyler and Dustin were all effective.

            Q.  Two shots on goal in the third.

            COACH SUTTER:  They just talked about that.  Somebody just asked, Do you think they did a good job of shutting us down?  I haven't looked at the sheet, I'm sure you have.

            Look at who has the shots is probably going to show that some of our top guys didn't.

            Q.  How do you counter a penalty kill that blocks that many shots?

            COACH SUTTER:  I think we did a good job, as I said, Jeff's group and Slava and Drew, quite honest, finding their way around it.  I'm sure if we won tonight 3‑2, you could ask Joel the same question.

            It's not as easy as it looks from up there (smiling).

            Thank you.


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