On Thursday, Jon Rosen of LAKingsInsider.com posted the news of United States President Barack Obama recently calling Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown to praise him not only for his recent Stanley Cup success but his contributions to the United States' men's hockey team this past February at the Sochi Olympics.

Obama told Brown, "“It was an unbelievable run that you guys had, and it’s been great to watch what you’ve done with the Kings, but also in the Olympics, and I just wanted to say how proud I am to see how you represent the U.S. in Sochi and the sportsmanship you demonstrate on Team USA. So congratulations on a pretty good year.”

Brown himself even joked at the President's expense who is a Chicago sports fan. When the Kings were at The White House in 2013, Obama had jokingly reprimanded the Kings for defeating his Blackhawks the previous evening.

Fans can say what they will about Barack Obama - and given his unenviable position, they certainly will - but it is certainly refreshing to see the United States President in touch with hockey so much that he gives rightful kudos to Dustin Brown and the Los Angeles Kings when so many of the sports pundits on the east coast cannot and will not.

From George H.W. Bush not knowing Mario Lemieux's name in 1991 to Bill Clinton pronounced Steve Yzerman's name as "uh-ZEER-min" in 1999, there is a sense of gratification knowing that Brown and the Kings are respected enough to get the credit they deserve - and have their names pronounced the correct way at that. Of course, really, how difficult would it be to mispronounce "Brown"? Nevertheless, it was a nice gesture.

While their visit in 2013 was special, the diehard fans of the Los Angeles Kings are hoping that their team will not be sharing the spotlight with their cousins from Major League Soccer, the Los Angeles Galaxy, who had also won their league's championship in 2012. We'll see how everything unfolds but regardless, the Kings will be returning to The White House on February 2, 2015.

*Videos courtesy of NHL, KingsVision