Game 12 (6-4-2)


LOS ANGELES - Fans of the Los Angeles Kings have to be scratching their heads after this one. Not only were the Kings beaten by a very tough Oilers team but the Kings made it easy for their opponents. Edmonton dominated the game from start to finish while the Kings were falling all over themselves like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. With that said, goaltender Jonathan Quick deserves a lot of praise as, like usual, he was the reason this game was 6- or even 7-0.


Theoretically, there is no shame losing to a team that's now 8-2-2 and laden with such offensive talent. However, the Kings should be ashamed of themselves after tonight's effort. They know how great the Oilers have been thus far and they knew that the only goaltender who was statistically better than Quick so far this season was his counterpart tonight, Nikolai Khabibulin.


Yet, the Kings managed to implode. The didn't have the desire to be out there tonight (or so it looked), they kept tripping all over themselves, they were scattered around the ice like they didn't know where they werre supposed to be. What else can I say? The Kings were downright horrible tonight and they're going to need a major facelift should they have any chance on Saturday when the Pittsburgh Penguins pay a visit to Staples.


It was the ex-King, Ryan Smyth, who opened the scoring on a bank shot from behind the net. Then, it was Lennert Petrell who picked up his first-career goal. It was a controversial as there probably should have been goaltender interference but nonetheless, Edmonton was in total control. Then, early in the third defenseman Corey Potter essentially iced it and the Oilers won 3-0.


On a positive note, Jonathan Quick did make 24 saves and two of the three goals definitely were not his fault so of all blame to be dispensed tonight, Quick deserves none of it.


It’s up to Kings whether they want to get back on the winning track and it happens, like I said, on Saturday night against Pittsburgh.




Photo: Courtesy of AP Feed