If anyone missed Monday night’s contest between the Los Angeles Kings and the Vancouver Canucks, they certainly missed quite a show. For fans wanting a great deal of offense, they would have been disappointed as just one goal was scored – and that wasn’t until the opening seconds of the third period. Of course, if hockey fans were bloodthirsty knowing how high the animosity level is between these two clubs, they would tune in without any hesitation anticipating what was to come.

In the first 31 minutes of said game, the Kings and Canucks combined for a whopping 103 penalty minutes which included 10-minute misconducts for Matt Greene and Vancouver’s Tom Sestito. The latter actually received 27 of those penalty minutes in a grand total of one second. In most matchups, those numbers would be hard to fathom, but when Los Angeles and Vancouver square off, however, not quite as difficult.

But of all the penalty minutes given out on Monday, none of those were given to a slew-foot perpetrated by Vancouver’s Dale Weise who tried to pull a quick on Los Angeles defenseman Drew Doughty. While Doughty was okay, Weise’s actions weren’t so much classless as they were just downright infantile.

I am the first to admit that I’ve been on both ends of some slew-footing. However, it is notable to mention that all said instances occurred when I was a young child in the classroom, on the playground or on the school bus. Dale Weise is a grown man of 25 years who happens to be a four-year NHL veteran. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there’s something that doesn’t quite add up.

Before Monday, the last time these two teams met was on January 4, just nine days earlier at Staples Center. In said game, Kings’ captain Dustin Brown collided with Canucks’ netminder Roberto Luongo reinjuring the backstop who had made his return from injury that same night. Following the game, Vancouver GM Mike Gillis expressed his frustration with Brown.

“When you see it (crashing the net) by certain teams over and over again, it's a tactic, not a hockey play,” Gillis told the media of the game last week. “If players are going through the crease and hitting the goalie all the time, players are going to get injured.” Unfortunately for Gillis, he (somehow) missed Canucks defenseman Mike Santorelli shoving Brown into Luongo causing the injury.

Brown’s collision with Roberto Luongo last week was inadvertent. Dale Weise’s slew-footing of Drew Doughty is something you’d see happening between belligerent five-year-olds. This incident really leaves me to wonder what Mike Gillis thinks of his forward’s motives. Hey, if he was smart enough to expose then-NHLPA director (and his former player agent) Alan Eagleson as a fraud before becoming an NHL general manager with a fair deal of longevity would be bright enough to explain this one.

In addition to not having a penalty called against, Dale Weise also avoided a hearing from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety. Perhaps his actions should warranted at least a fine but nevertheless, what’s done is done.

It should also be noted that on Wednesday afternoon, Jon Rosen of lakingsinsider.com revealed that defenseman Matt Greene may have a concussion from fighting on Monday night against the Canucks. While said concussion may not necessarily be the fault of any Canucks, Drew Doughty getting slew-footed certainly is. While Dale Weise is his own person and is capable of making his own decisions, someone besides Weise needs to be blamed for this.

For all the finger-pointing that those from the Canucks like to do to the Kings, it is about time for someone in the Vancouver organization to be an adult and start taking accountability for their actions. That doesn’t take a genius either; just someone with a little bit of common sense.