Previewing the Los Angeles Kings' 2013-14 Stanley Cup Final:
Game 4 @ NY Rangers
June 11, 2014
5pm PST (8pm EST)

All the Los Angeles Kings have to do is win and the Stanley Cup is theirs for the second time in three years. The New York Rangers, however, have nothing to lose being down 0-3 in this series. After all, if anyone should know about how possible it is to come back from an 0-3 deficit, it's the Los Angeles Kings.

In the opening round of these playoffs, the Kings lost their first three games of their series to the San Jose Sharks. But with that mentality of having nothing to lose, the Kings won four-straight games, pulling off one of the greatest series comebacks in hockey history. Say whatever you will about the Rangers but they are just as capable of pulling off the same type of comeback, but it will be the responsibility of the Kings to not let that happen.

Since 1982, eight of the nine Stanley Cup Final series that started 3-0 have ended in a sweep. The lone exception? The 2012 Finals where the Los Angeles Kings held a 3-0 lead before losing the next two before winning Game 6, clinching their first championship in club history. Hopefully that will be enough determination for the Kings to finish this series in four-straight.

The last time a Stanley Cup Final ended in a sweep was in 1998 when the Detroit Red Wings made short work of the Washington Capitals. Also, the last time an opposing team celebrated with the Stanley Cup at Madison Square Garden was in 1972 when Bobby Orr and the Boston Bruins did it. But let's also remember that before 2012, no eighth-seed had ever won the Stanley Cup Final much less eliminated their conference's top-three seeds. My point is simple: history means nothing. If the Los Angeles Kings are going to win Game 4 on Wednesday, they will do it because of the outstanding play of Jonathan Quick, the consistency of Anze Kopitar, the finesse of Jeff Carter and the accurate shot of Drew Doughty, and not because of what past numbers dictate.

For the New York Rangers, they had quite the run - but they're not ready to let it end on Wednesday. Henrik Lundqvist may not have had the greatest series but it is hard to imagine him and his team going down without a fight.

For many Kings fans, they would love to see their team win on home ice. But for most Kings fans, they just want their team to win the Cup, whether it's in Los Angeles, New York or Timbuktu. Wednesday night is do-or-die for the New York Rangers but who will come out victorious will be depended on which team feels more pressure.

Can the Rangers send this series back to Los Angeles or will the Kings once again be crowned the kings?

We will just have to wait and see.

Enjoy the game!