Okay, so it wasn't as much of an order as it was just a typical mother's concern for her son's safety. So, with that said, Jarret Stoll has taken his mother's advice (as well as his daughter's) and decided to wear a visor for the first time in his career.


Stoll made the decision over the summer and at least he'll have the preseason to get adjusted to the new piece of adjustment and see how feels. Stoll did admit that he has tried the visor the past couple of summers and taken it off so we'll see if the third time will indeed be the charm.


Last season, Stoll was hit around the eyes and noses a few times so maybe investing in a visor isn't such a bad idea. After all, Stoll did admit that after seeing what Manny Malhorta of the Vancouver Canucks went through last season by nearly losing his sight during a game, thinking about the ramifications of not sporting a visor is a real eye-opener (no pun intended).


In addition to the visor, it's believed that Stoll will begin the regular season as the Kings' third-line center between Kyle Clifford and Scott Parse. Although who is wingers will be isn't quite certain, what is is that Stoll will be centering that line.


Jarret Stoll is coming off an impressive 2010-11 campaign where he had his first 20-goal season since 2005-06 when he was a member of the Edmonton Oilers. Stoll also played in all 82 games last season and will hope to do so again this season.


All is well it seems with Jarret Stoll and now the only question remains is whether or not wearing a visor will affect his play in the shootout. Ah, let's just agree to worry about that when the time comes.