The ESPYs may not be taken as seriously as other awards but it’s always gratifying to see the Los Angeles Kings receive national attention. On Wednesday night, goaltender Jonathan Quick was voted ‘Best NHL Player’ by the fans whose votes won him the ESPY.


It may not mean as much as the Conn Smythe but a little more credit and attention towards someone never hurts. Personally, to win an award for the best player in your league by the sports-network juggernaut that is ESPN is something to hang your hat on. Of course, what’s even more impressive is that considering ESPN is not known for its hockey prowess (even though their headquarters are located in the hockey hotbed and Quick’s home state of Connecticut), it’s gratifying to see that they didn’t go the easy route by awarding the ESPY to Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin or Alexander Ovechkin. In fact, being that Quick was awarded the honour and not Steven Stamkos who scored 60 goals this past season is worthy enough of some serious gloating. After all, in addition to Stamkos, Quick beat out the aforementioned Malkin, Claude Giroux and Henrik Lundqvist to win the award.


In a way, we could say that this is Jonathan Quick’s revenge for losing a Vezina Trophy he really should have won. My apologies to Henrik Lundqvist but Quick had better numbers plus his team was on the verge of missing the playoffs for a few months (Lundqvist’s Rangers were never once close to that predicament). But I digress.


Overall, it was a great night for the Los Angeles Kings – a fun night, too. With an Olympic silver, a Stanley Cup, a Conn Smythe, a new 10-year contract and now an ESPY (I know, the latter really doesn’t mean as much as the rest), Jonathan Quick has everything he needs right now.


Congratulations to Quick on winning the ESPY.




Photo: Courtesy of Darryl L. Webb/Reuters