For those who think I'm merely throwing Dustin Brown under the bus is nothing more than a gross misperception. I'm not letting him off scot-free but I'm also not putting all of the blame directly on his shoulders. He's responsible for his team's woes but, with that said, everyone is responsible at this point. If the Los Angeles Kings win as a team, they'll lose as a team - and this is no exception.


I cannot say enough about how instrumental Dustin Brown has been to the franchise. Let's forget he wears the 'C' because Brown is such a capable force with or without any official title. Lately, though, he hasn't been able to right to ship, so to speak. Is that solely the captain's fault? No. Okay, if this were an actual ship, it would be - but I digress.


In recent years, Brown has scored a few, set up some nice goals and has dished out some lethal-looking hits. But what can Brown do for this team? I sometimes think that there are better players who are captain material out there who have some expression on their face and, at the same time, look a tad older than 12.


Brown has decent numbers this season. He has six goals and 11 assists in 32 games. But is he still the good fit that he was just a couple of years ago? Clearly Los Angeles' problems go well beyond who wears the 'C' but with all of those problems, I'd be remiss if I failed to mention even one.


As a matter of fact, just forget who has what letters on their jerseys. This is a team that, among other things, needs a player to lead by example as well as a rah-rah type in the dressing room. As far as I'm concerned, Brown is neither of those types. In addition to that (and it pains me to say it) but watching #23 out there, it's hard to be convinced that he has any heart out there.


Dustin Brown is, by no means, the only issue on this team but something has to give and Brown himself cannot be satisfied with his effort along with that of the rest of his team. I know I'm not and I know many Kings fans aren't either.


So, what can Brown do for you? At this point, too many things to mention.




Photo: Courtesy of Kirby Lee/Sport via US Presswire