Dear Los Angeles-based sports fans,

Are you interesting in winning $500 in Tickets from Okay, maybe you’re not wishing for that specific of a prize but doesn’t it sound like a great prize nonetheless?

If so, then enter here for your chance to win:

The object of the contest is simple:

COMMENT a location in Los Angeles where you use your TipIQ – and it can be anywhere so creativity is definitely a bonus. For even more credit, include a PHOTO.


“I use my TiqIQ at Amoeba Records, Hollywood!”

The rules are as follows:

The top 3 entries from participating cities will be chosen by and announced Monday, October 7th.

Deadline: Sunday, October 6th, 11:59PM.

*As a sidenote, since October 6 is the birthday of yours truly, simply think of this as birthday present to me if nothing else.

While this is a Los Angeles Kings-based site, you don’t necessarily have to don the silver-and-black to be eligible. Fans can dress up in the apparel of the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers or even that of USC or UCLA.

Got it? Good!

Now go out there and show your LA Pride!

*DISCLAIMER: For those Kings fans in Las Vegas this weekend for Frozen Fury, be sure to do this as soon as you return to Los Angeles.

Good luck and GO KINGS!